for those who don’t know me…

  • My name is Antonia but I’ve gone by Toni my whole life
  • I live in the burbs of Chicago
  • I’m a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician)
  • I have two pitty mixes who are my world – Eden and Janet

edenmarie  janetlouise

  • I have two sisters, Gina and Sam, who are my best friends

11822629_10101669618608097_2913153850531728396_n  13173895_10101979927247097_5818324822821263093_n

  • And they both made me the Auntie to two of the sweetest angels in the world, Grace and Lyla

20170120_165314   14670650_10102217114776387_633634759417150446_n-1

  • In my free time I like to work out, be with friends and family, hang out with my pups, and watch trashy reality television (it’s a really unhealthy addiction, i know)
  • My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.  It’s kind of a big deal in our house

13620340_10102051791819917_5574821896272343171_n 13606530_10103637212988040_2222875007733153292_n

2 thoughts on “for those who don’t know me…

  1. Hugs to both you and Brandon! Sorry you are going through this! It will make your marriage stronger and that baby even more special when it comes along and you both will be fantastic parents! Sending up prayers for you that it is sooner rather than later! And you are very brave!

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